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51 years of experience

ΚΑRADΙ HELLAS PLASTICS operates in the plastics sector. It specializes in producing drums, jerry cans, hoses, buckets and watering pots of different dimensions and capacities.

The corporation was established March 8 1971, using as warehouse a 500 sq.m. owned space in the district of Attica.
Originally, the company was a mechanical contractor; another activity was to manufacture and sale of molds and plastic products.
This direction lasted for 11 years, until 1982. The capabilities of the company in the beginning were limited as the staff was consisted of 6 employees. As the work load increased, the company managed to approach more customers and increased its personnel to 21 workers by the end of 1982.

At the end of the first decade the company focused on the manufacture and sale of plastic products for package use, approaching the industry with a new perspective. For its needs the company used an area of 4.000 sq.m., of which 1.200 sq.m were covered, where the first plastics machines were placed.

In 1989 7.000 sq.m. of land were added, including 700 sq.m. covered space. Since then ΚΑRADΙ HELLAS PLASTICS has made steps to establish itself firmly in the market, playing its own part in the field.

Over the following years the Company increased its sales and production capacity by adding state-of-the-art equipment and staff. Export sales to the Balkans have also helped this trend.

This development was completed in 1995 with the acquisition of an 15.000 sq.m. installation (including 1.500 sq m of covered space) which was bought in Ano Liosia of Attica.

ΚΑRADΙ HELLAS PLASTICS today operates in two productive installations in Attica. The whole installation area covers 26.000 sq.m. including 3.500 sq.m. of buildings. The staff today consists of 60 people. Its production capacity is over 5.000 tons of plastics per year.
All products are made of high density polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVC. For more information please see, where you will find all the products with the necessary details.

The Company’s near-term goals are:
1. Further expansion in Ano Liosia from 1.500 sq.m. to 5.500 sq.m.
covered space 2.000 sq.m. of this space will be used exclusively
as storage and 3.500 sq.m. for production.
2. Improvement in customer service
3. Production increase with new equipment.
4. Increase in the annual sales, with higher market share and better approach to market needs.

ΚΑRADΙ HELLAS PLASTICS promises to continue this process being concentrated on the improvement in all fields, being supporting and close to customers and covering all the needs that will come up.